How to Size a Skirt

995674_535624226493734_332657943_nDesigns by Cathy Wade features handmade one-of-a-kind wearable art including pencil skirts, scarves, blankets and more all made from refurbished, repurposed vintage fabrics. 100% Green, each unique fashion statement turns heads with Cathy Wade’s signature whimsical artistic flair.

These aren’t your average department store skirts and accessories! Most of these fabrics you can’t even buy anymore. Cathy scours the country seeking out the rare forgotten and often under appreciated beautiful fabrics of yesterday.

For something that will turn heads and have people constantly complimenting you on your rare look, buy a Cathy Wade today!

The approximate length of each skirt is 20″. Each is handmade and will vary to some degree.

So how do you find that perfect fit? Here are three methods of finding the perfect skirt size for you!

1) Fabric Tape Measure
Wrap a fabric tape measure around the widest part of your hips, then use the size chart below to determine what size is your fit.

2) String and a Normal “Hardware” Tape Measure
Wrap a string around the widest part of your hips, then lay it out over a stretch metal tape measure to find out how long the string is. Use the size chart below to determine what size is your fit.

3) Visit my Mellwood Art Studio (1860 Mellwod Ave, Building B, #263)measurementfigure
I’ll measure you and make sure you get that perfect fit. Call ahead (502) 296-7683 to schedule a visit!

TIP: Have a friend or family member measure you to be sure you get the most accurate measurement.


Size Chart

Hip Measurement: 34”
Extra Small (Size 0-2)

Hip Measurement: 37”
Small (Size 4-6)

Hip Measurement: 40”
Medium (Size 8-10)

Hip Measurement: 43”
Large (Size 12-14)

Hip Measurement: 46”
Extra Large (Size 16)